Meet Our Models
Emma is a fun-loving 9-month old sweetie who loves to laugh and play.  She enjoys going to the park, splashing in the bath and practicing her crawling skills as she looks for things to get into.  We just love her bright eyes and sweet smile!
Charlie is affectionately known by family and friends as their "happy little buddha boy". Otherwise known as "Chunky Charlie", this 7-month old has rolls to match the size of his smiles.  He's a pro at winning the hearts of all who come his way with his easy going personality.  We just love his happy, healthy look, naturally spikey hair and his contagious smile!
Hannah is a pint-sized beauty with a BIG personality!  She is an extremely happy and outgoing 20-month old who enjoys being silly and making people laugh.  Hannah is always on the go, whether enjoying playdates with her friends and cousins, attending gymnastic classes or taking swim lessons.  We love her fresh, natural look and classic style!

Sawyer is a 15-month old charmer who always has a smile to share and enjoys a good cuddle.  He is an active little guy who loves being silly and playing in his sandbox.  Sawyer adores his big brother and big sister and wants to be just like them.  We just love his irresistable smile and natural good looks!
Paisley is a 2 1/2 year old little character who loves making people laugh while entertaining them with her stories, songs and dance.  She has an incredibly animated face and loves posing for pictures.  We love Paisley's sparkling eyes and how every picture shows her fabulous personality.  What a ham!
Jackson is an adventurous and imaginative 2 1/2 year old who loves to put on his tool belt and build houses out of chunks of wood "just like daddy".  He just loves being outdoors and playing with his dump truck and trains.  We love Jackson's relaxed California style and couldn't resist his fun hair!
Sierra is a very loving and energetic little 4-year old.  She is extremely sweet and easy-going and gets along with everyone.  She enjoys playing with her dolls, dressing up and going to the park.  We love Sierra's natural beauty, gorgeous long locks and sweet nature!

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